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MESi RADIO LTD. Registered in Scotland (Company No. SC427226) (c) 2014

MESi Radio is in place to help Independent Musicians gain the recognition they deserve. Launching in April 2012 our aim was to create a platform for musicians to have their music aired to the masses. We have acomplished that and so much more. In 2012 we started with 4 shows and a passion to grow and help where we could. We all wanted to make this platform for Musicians a success.


In September 2012 we put on an Event called MESi Fest in Largs. This was to showcase as many musicians as possible in the day to an audience who appreciates their music and what they do. This was a great success and in 2013 we gained more following not only in the UK but across the world. We gained a load of new members to the MESi family too, even from as far away as the States! We are all showcasing music as much as we can to as many people as we can.


In September 2013 I decided to go ahead with another MESi Fest, this one took place at Bakers NightClub in Kilmarnock. Another fantastic night that went without any trouble. Allowing bands to play to potential new fans aswell as their own following.


We continue to grow and continue to showcase as much Independent Music as we can. Here at MESi Radio we are all lovers of music no matter what the genre. We have managed to tally up a total of over 50,000 listeners over the course of 2 years from all over the globe.


This year (2014) we want to become even bigger reaching countries we havent before and building up our database to thousands more. We are always so happy when musicians send us their music, its great to hear stuff you would never have imagined listening to and feeling the passion. Thats is what we are about passion, helping and loving music.


We have 7 regular shows going out Mon - Fri these are :-


Indie Evolutions MESi podcast

Is This Thing On?

In Cahoots Music Sweden

The Claudio Fiore Show

The Tony Jones Show

The Third Class Ticket

NHC Music Podcast


For more info on these shows please check out the Shows page on the site get to know the presenters and enjoy the music.



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